The manufacturing process is meticulous and detailed and follows an artisanal production. Each product is finely crafted without the aid of ancient machinery or techniques. What has remained unchanged is the use and research of raw materials that are closest to those of the past, so as to be able to pass on the unique taste and flavour.

A total green production
Corino 1764 respects the environment and has always characterized its work by following sustainable ethics. Each of our products is packaged using completely sustainable packaging. The artisanal production does not neglect eco-sustainability.

Choice of organic products
The materials that make up our products are strictly of BIO origin. For years we have differentiated ourselves for our natural extracts, km 0 ingredients and a lot of passion.

Respectful processing
To guarantee the original results of the past, we adopt the same manufacturing techniques as in the past. We are keen to preserve the accuracy and craftsmanship of working each product by hand.

Selected and high quality ingredients
To guarantee the right compactness, the decisive friability and the same ardor that distinguishes our Krumiri, we select fresh and refined ingredients.