Baghi's - Panettone classic cooked in glass - 200g


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Baghi's - Panettone classic cooked in glass - 200g

Baghi's - Panettone classic cooked in glass - 200g

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The traditional leavened panettone cooked in a Weck glass jar, with candied orange and raisins

Our modern vision of Panettone. The dough is that of our Classic Panettone but leavened and cooked directly in its glass jar. It was the first leavened that we produced, now several years ago, in vasocottura. We wanted a new idea of ​​Panettone, a dessert to share with a special person, perhaps eating it directly from the glass jar. In addition to the image, however, the panettone under glass has the advantage that its container preserves aromas and humidity, thus extending the life of the product. Weight 200g.

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Produced by - Baghi's Via Dell'Artigianato 34
31030 Castle of Godego


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