Domori is a real revolution in the world of chocolate, as it is the first company in the world to use only fine cacao. A bold choice, because fine cacao plants are the rarest and most delicate, and they are less productive than those of an ordinary cacao such as Forastero. Particularly sensitive to weather conditions, the Criollo variety needs enormous care and has a low yield. Fine cacao represents just 10% of the world harvest and Criollo, the rarest variety of all, just over 0.001%. But it is thanks to this bold choice, which places a premium on quality rather than quantity, that Domori can offer you a unique sensory experience that settles for nothing less. There is no added flavouring, which is instead needed when Forastero cacao is used: just the original essence and soul of the cacao plant. The aromatic notes you find in Domori chocolate are those that are naturally present in the beans of the finest selected cacao.