Whitley Neill - Original - Handcrafted Dry Gin - 70cl


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Whitley Neill - Original - Handcrafted Dry Gin - 70cl

Whitley Neill - Original - Handcrafted Dry Gin - 70cl

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1 BOTTLE X 70cl.

43% vol.

The Whitley Neill distillery has a very ancient origin, it was born in 1762, and a traditional know-how that allows it to look forward to the contemporary world with confidence. Whitley Neill offers several releases that are inspired by travel, far and near countries, exotic and home flavors, fully embracing that glocal feeling so widespread today.

Premium London Dry Gin is inspired by the vivid beauty and mystery that envelops Africa. A direct descendant of Greenall Whitley and the latest in a long line of distillers, Johnny Neill wanted to create a gin to dedicate to his African-born wife. A distillate capable of admirably harmonizing the precious African botanical essences in order to create an enigmatic taste-olfactory experience. The carefully selected botanicals, among which the baobab and gooseberries stand out, are left to macerate in grain alcohol the night before distillation, carried out in small batches in an ancient copper pot still. The result is a typically smooth, light and citrusy gin, softer and rounder than traditional gins. It is a gin that comes straight from the black continent with all its wonderful exotic scents.