Millonario - 15 years - 70cl


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Millonario - 15 years - 70cl

Millonario - 15 years - 70cl

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1 BOTTLE X 70cl

40% vol. 

Ron Millonario 15 Solera Reserva Especial. Cane sugar, the sweet base of this distillate, grows in the plains of northern Peru, hence its aromas and flavors. To produce this rum we start with a widespread selection of the cane crop and extracting its contents. A selection of yeasts of ancient tradition transforms molasses into alcohol preserving fragrances and aromas. After a patient fermentation, the must is ready to be distilled from ancient column alembics. Then the rum is stored for years in American oak barrels according to a "solera" system, absorbing the aromas of the wood, softening every little edge.

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