Agrimontana - Peaches Extra Preserve 350g


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Agrimontana - Peaches Extra Preserve 350g

Agrimontana - Peaches Extra Preserve 350g

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(1 PACK X 350g)High quality raw materials and high quality production process. The fruit used is of the highest quality and has been picked at the right period of ripening. Peeled and pitted, it is free from residuals and unrelated materials. The Agrimontana jams are made following a “homemade” recipe, using exclusively fruit of the highest quality, without the use of additives. The secret of its flavour is due to the fact that Agrimontana uses only cane sugar from the Mauritius Islands, obtaining in this way the right degree of natural gelatin, which is richer in flavour than the homemade jams, but without any kind of additives. Only the natural colour of the fruit, only the natural flavour of the fruit. The main objective of Agrimontana is to use high quality fruit. At the base of Agrimontana products there is only Italian fruit, selected in territories where it is traditionally cultivated. The raspberries are harvested on the slopes of the Tosco-Emiliano Apennines and on the Alpi del Mare. Peaches and apricots come from the orchards in Piedmont. Cherries, plums and strawberries are exclusively grown under the sun of Emilia Romagna.

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