72 BOTTLES - Fever Tree - Elderflower - Premium Natural Mixers - Tonic Water - 20cl


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72 BOTTLES - Fever Tree - Elderflower - Premium Natural Mixers - Tonic Water - 20cl

72 BOTTLES - Fever Tree - Elderflower - Premium Natural Mixers - Tonic Water - 20cl

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Offering a light and subtle character, the delicate and sweet flavour of elderflower is perfectly balanced by the soft bitterness of the quinine. Providing a summery twist to the classic gin and tonic, the refreshing floral flavour works equally well as a sophisticated soft drink.


"These are the ultimate mixers-and just as good on their own"
Tom Parker Bowles, Mail on Sunday
Pure and crystal clear.
A slightly sweet, floral aroma from the elderflowers, combined with a subtle citrus note.
The sweetness of the elderflower is perfectly balanced with the soft bitterness of natural quinine. A uniquely clean and fresh finish with none of the cloying aftertastes you get from artificial sweeteners.
A smooth mouthfeel enhanced by the high quality carbonation process.

At Fever-Tree, it's all about taste. Which is why co-founders Charles and Tim have traveled to some of the most remote, beautiful, and sometimes dangerous, regions of the world to source the highest quality natural ingredients from small specialist suppliers. Quinine FROM THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO Quinine is the key ingredient, and the essential bitterness, in tonic water. The brand name Fever-Tree was chosen as it is the colloquial name for the cinchona tree, the bark of Which Produces quinine. After much research, a specific type of tree plantation fever (known as cinchona Ledgeriana) located on the Rwanda / Congo border, was found to be producing the purest quinine in the world. For Charles and Tim, there was no other option but to source Fever-Tree's quinine from this plantation - the only drinks company to be doing so. Read more about Tim's trip out to the Congo in the 'Latest' section.

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