Le Tribute - Tonic Water - 20 cl


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Le Tribute - Tonic Water - 20 cl

Le Tribute - Tonic Water - 20 cl

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Made with natural quinine from the province of Loja, Ecuador.

Why from Loja? In 1639, the Countess of Chinchona recovered from fever thanks to an infusion based on cinchona bark from the Loja region and so this remedy became popular for the treatment of fever and malaria among the inhabitants of this humble city.

It was so effective that it was even used to cure several kings of Europe, such as Louis XIV of France and Charles II of England.

Lemongrass. LE TRIBUTE tonic water contains a distillation of lemongrass in water, which gives it a unique flavor.

The purest water. The water comes from a natural source owned by the distillery and is filtered through a reverse osmosis process until it becomes demineralized and tasteless.

Fizz. With the aim of obtaining a strong and long-lasting effervescence, the most advanced technology is used to cool the liquid to 2°C, in order to produce a Gin & Tonic with the perfect level of effervescence and freshness from start to finish. Natural ingredients

The bottle. It is the first square-shaped bottle on the market for a carbonated drink: the latest industrial design techniques allow us to bottle tonic water in square-shaped bottles. A unique bottle, capable of withstanding high pressures. A fever remedy for the people and kings.
INGREDIENTS: Carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, natural flavors, natural quinine flavor, preservative E-211.


Energy (k/kcal) 36

Fat (0g)

of which saturated (0g)

Carbohydrates (8.5g)

of which sugars (8.5g)

Protein (0g)

Salt (0g)