1724 Tonic Water SEVENTEEN - 20cl


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1724 Tonic Water SEVENTEEN - 20cl

1724 Tonic Water SEVENTEEN - 20cl

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Tonic water in 1724 he created the recipe inspiration from its historic homeland, the legendary Inca trail, where the ancient civilizations used quinine even before the Spanish conquistadors found out in the Americas. Today, this toned Argentine wants to create the right balance between originality and evolution. It is the first premium tonic made with authentic natural quinine, handpicked along one of the old Inca trails in Peru, where the Spanish conquistadors discovered it for the first time. The optimum altitude for the collection of quinine is 1,724 meters above sea level, and it is from this that the tonic water derives its name. The original terroir Water Tonic 1724 lend a distinctive than other acquesul market - quinine Latin America is in fact slightly less bitter than Asia, used in most of tonic water, and gives notes soft and delicate. In addition, the water used for its production comes from Patagonia in Argentina, and together with the special quinine tonic gives this water right balance between sweetness and bitterness. A completion of its carbonization end, reminds the bubbles of champagne more sophisticated.


Seventeen Tonic Water is the result of a formula
perfect and balanced.

Floral aroma with hints of quinine and an aftertaste
citric mandarin.

Soft bubbles, perfectly integrated sweetness.
Perfect to be enjoyed alone or in a Gin Tonic.


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