Baladin - Xyauyù Kioke - Beer Sofa - Vintage Teo Musso - Gift Box - 50cl


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Baladin - Xyauyù Kioke - Beer Sofa - Vintage Teo Musso - Gift Box - 50cl

Baladin - Xyauyù Kioke - Beer Sofa - Vintage Teo Musso - Gift Box - 50cl

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1 BOTTLE X 50cl. 

Xyauyù Kioke combines two great craft traditions in the world of fermentation. 

The art of beer making meets the art of producing craft soy sauce. 

The Kioke is an open cypress wooden barrel produced by Yasuo Yamamoto (Yamaroku Shoyu) in Japan, on the island of Shodo, and is used for the fermentation of soy sauce. 

Xyauyù was created in Piozzo, Italy, at the Baladin farm brewery, from Teo Musso’s desire to explore the universe of oxidation. 

The beer, once fermented and aged for 18 months, is open-air matured inside a new Kioke barrel, i.e. which has never been used for the fermentation of soy. The barrel gives resinous cypress notes and a slightly acidic touch, for a unique aromatic profile.

The manufacturing of Kioke barrels is disappearing in Japan. To preserve their tradition, Yamamoto has decided to make them in his workshop, with the intention of being an inspiration for his colleagues and other coopers. This beer is a way to share this effort, while playing what we believe is one of the key roles of craft products: telling stories through emotions and sharing. 

Xyauyù Kioke will be produced in limited quantities every two years. The version presented here is based on Xyauyù Oro 2016, which was further aged in the Kioke barrel from 2017 until bottling in September 2018. 

About 4,000 bottles have been produced, for a total of about 2,00 0 liters. By choice of the master brewer, 2,000 bottles will be immediately sold all over the world, while the remaining ones will age for about one more year and then made available to the truest lovers of this beer. 

The wish to tell this beautiful story with a beer has also led to the creation of a special packaging, where drawings give everyone the chance to understand the soul of this product: the Kioke barrel.