Baladin - Amaro - 50cl


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Baladin - Amaro - 50cl

Baladin - Amaro - 50cl

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1 BOTTLE X 50cl. 

20% vol.

Amaro based on Xyauyù beer, characterized by complex and elegant oxidative notes.

Free of foam and carbonation, it is completed with the addition of a mix of botanicals including gentian root and lavender.

Exalting the complexity of the aromas on the nose in which a floral note of lavender is highlighted.

Rich in flavor in the mouth, it is characterized by the woody bitterness of the gentian root.


Once again, Teo's restlessness is the mother of this project.

One summer evening, on the terrace of the house, admiring the sunset over the Langhe hills, a glass of Beermouth, the Baladin beer vermouth, is served.

The mind rushes to the moment when it started thinking about it with the idea of ​​innovating by taking inspiration from tradition. It is lost in its richness of aromas in which the bitter note is only a necessary component for the search for balance.

At home there is never a shortage of spices and then the idea. Enhancing the amaro to produce a new recipe, those of an amaro.

The empirical evidence based on everything is concretized - that evening - in adding the gentian root and leaving it to infuse for a day.

The result satisfies him, the bitterness is the right one, intense and woody. Obviously it is only a starting point but the direction is taken.

The recipe is rewritten with the staff of the brewery by removing various botanicals including absinthe and combining the gentian root with lavender which completes, in contrast with its floral notes, the intensity of the gentian bitterness.

Thus was born, the Amaro Baladin.