Collesi - Triplo Malto - Blonde - 75cl


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Collesi - Triplo Malto - Blonde - 75cl

Collesi - Triplo Malto - Blonde - 75cl

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1 BOTTLE X 75cl. 9% VOL. 

The dense, stable and very fine-grained froth of the Tripesi Malti Collesi Craft Beer is the result of natural refermentation in the bottle.

Obtained from a careful selection of malt and not pasteurized, a blonde beer with fragrant aromas: hints of freshly picked yellow fruit, fresh yeast and malt, vanilla, honey and bread crust.

Balanced and intense on the palate, the Triple Malt Collesi Craft Beer is pasty and malty at the beginning, with a soft and fruity finish and prolonged hints of peach and apricot.

For its body is ideal as a beer for all meals.

The Tripoli Malt Craft Beer can give the best with the most complex and complex first courses, such as risottos, lasagna and timballi pasta with meat sauce as well as ravioli, tortellini and cannelloni stuffed with meat.

The decisive personality of the Triplo Malti Collesi Craft Beer is complementary to the latter with more robust flavors such as roasts and stews.

Exceptional together with blue cheeses of all origins, from gorgonzola, to fourme d'ambert, to valdéon.

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