Gin Mare - Mediterranean Gin - Colecciòn de Autor - 70cl.


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Gin Mare - Mediterranean Gin - Colecciòn de Autor - 70cl.

Gin Mare - Mediterranean Gin - Colecciòn de Autor - 70cl.

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1 BOTTLE X 70cl. 42,7%vol. Gin Mare opens the door to a new variety of gins, with a novel pan-Mediterranean concept that unites the different cultures around this sea representing their botanical stars such as: Arbequina olives, thyme, basil and rosemary OUR LIQUID GOLD:
 THE ARBEQUINA OLIVE The only one in the world with its own Designation of Origin OUR MEDITERRANEAN BOTANICALS Basil from Italy Thyme from Greece Rosemary from Turkey Citrus fruits from Spain OTHER BOTANICALS THAT MAKE UP THE GIN MARE PERSONALITY Juniper Coriander Green Cardamom (harvested on farms) Colección de autor Gin Mare also elicits the generational evolution of this category via a family with great weight in this work. Gin Mare is born from a pure Mediterranean environment with our distillery located in an ancient fishing village between the Costa Brava and the Costa Dorada. CRAFTS IN PRODUCTION Gin Mare is created using Mediterranean crafts and time, in order to obtain an exceptional gin: from a premium barley base, through delicate maceration and distillation which is independent for each botanical (some, like the citrus carry a harmonization process more than one year) to the authentic blending which expresses all the characteristics of each botanical in the final product. NAMING GIN MARE The word “Mare” weighs heavily throughout Mediterranean culture, immediately leading us to “Mar” (“sea”) which is the exact translation in Italian. But further research discovers that its meaning in other languages leads to a more familiar meaning, specifically maternal. At the same time, we must remember a universal concept that would include “Mare Nostrum”, the sea of all the communities living under this magical Mediterranean influence which unites the love of gastronomy, the pleasant climate, a way of life with different values where time runs differently than the rest of the world.

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