Gin Broker's - London Dry Gin - 70cl


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Gin Broker's - London Dry Gin - 70cl

Gin Broker's - London Dry Gin - 70cl

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1 BOTTLE X 70cl - 40% vol.


Broker's Gin would be the original name of this distillate, but for reasons of coyright in Italy it had to change its name to Bond Street

It is said that the recipe of the award-winning Broker's Gin dates back to 200 years ago. The illustration on the bottle depicts a "broker", the typical London financial operator, while the cap itself is shaped like a bowler hat (typical English hat).

Broker's Gin is among the very few with kosher certificate. It is a classic London Dry with a quintuple distillation, very dry, with predominant juniper notes, balanced by the refreshing notes of citrus fruits and, in the end, by spicy ones.

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