Portofino - Dry Gin - 50cl


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Portofino - Dry Gin - 50cl

Portofino - Dry Gin - 50cl

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1 BOTTLE X 50cl. 40%vol. 

Inspired by Mediterranean summers.

Every single batch of Portofino Gin is made with 21 carefully sourced botanicals. Lemon, lavender, and rosemary among other ingredients were given life by the bright sun and fresh sea breeze of Portofino.

After a soft maceration process, the botanicals are separately distilled under the supervision of our master distiller. Each distillate is then blended to create the unique mix of Portofino Gin.

The design of the bottle was inspired by Portofino’s harbor, where colorful houses and green hills decorate the landscape between the sky and the sea.

This handcrafted dry gin captures the spirit of the Italian Riviera

Recommendations: Enjoy your Portofino Gin & Tonic with plenty of ice, a fresh lemon peel and your favorite tonic water.