Suntory Roku Gin - Sakura Bloom Limited Edition - 70cl


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Suntory Roku Gin - Sakura Bloom Limited Edition - 70cl

Suntory Roku Gin - Sakura Bloom Limited Edition - 70cl

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1 BOTTLE X 70cl.

43% vol.

Roku is the premium Japanese gin that celebrates the life of every Japanese season, inspiring people to embrace the vitality of nature and the vibrancy of the seasons.

Roku follows the essential principle of Shun, the Japanese sensibility of celebrating the best moments of each season - in people, in life and in the richness of nature.

In Japan the seasons are celebrated through seasonal festivals and the protagonists of the Roku Seasonal Festival Collection are 4 - a collection that celebrates Roku in every season.

The first edition of this collection is the Sakura Bloom Edition.

Drawing inspiration from one of the most famous Japanese festivals, focusing on nature and one of Roku's key ingredients, Sakura flowers, the Hanami Edition celebrates "Flower Observation".

This captures the freshness and brightness of spring and the Hahami festival, giving a sweet and floral taste, soft and elegant, overlaid with hints of saltiness coming from the flower leaves.

The natural sweetness of the gin, together with the complex and harmonious blend of botanicals is enhanced giving life to a delicately complex Roku Gin in full bloom.

The limited edition bottle follows the shape of the SKU consisting of 6 sides with floral themes embossed on the glass, representing the main 6 Japanese seasonal blooms at their peak, to create Roku.

While the washi paper label was specially created by the most expert washi paper artist in Japan, Horiki Eriko, with hints of pink and metallic tones that simulate the falling of Sakura flower petals.

The packaging was designed by Japanese artist Ohgushi, known for his contemporary brush and ink technique, bringing the Hanami festival to life through the beauty of Sakura and the audience who admire them.

Bright and inviting, it evokes the freshness of early spring.

A delicate and soft cherry blossom scent reminiscent of a Japanese garden during the Hanami season.

On the palate Soft and smooth first notes, subtly sweet and richly elegant.

A nostalgic pinch of the saltiness of Sakura-mochi, the traditional dessert of the season, balanced with the fruity sweetness of cherry blossoms. meticulously blended with Roku's original herbs.

The finish A persistent finish that invites the next sip.

As with every flower that falls, a new one is anticipated.