Marchesi di Barolo - Peiragal 2021 - Barbera d'alba DOC - 75cl


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Marchesi di Barolo - Peiragal 2021 - Barbera d'alba DOC - 75cl

Marchesi di Barolo - Peiragal 2021 - Barbera d'alba DOC - 75cl

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1 BOTTLE X 75cl

15% vol. 

Variety  Barbera

Production Zone

Peiragal is an ancient dialect word of Barolo village that identifies hills with a good slope composed of calcareous compact soil and clay with big stones. This particular soil composition, in addition to the good slope limits the absorption of rain forcing, promoting a very deep grounding of the vines that go in search humidity, by capillary action, from the deep layers. As a result, the Barbera d’Alba, Peiragal is a very fruity wine with a moderate acidity and a moderate alcohol content. The tannins are sweet but not too much in evidence.

Cultivation of the Wineyard

Low Guyot trellised system.


The grapes are collected exclusively by hand and quickly taken to the cellar where they are destalked and softly pressed to extract from the peel and the outer area of the grape only the most noble and aromatic fractions. Fermentation, at controlled temperature, takes place in thermo-conditioned tanks. After maceration, that lasts 9 days between 28-30° degrees C. (86-89° F.), the wine is racked once the fermentation is completed. The wine is decanted in cement vitrified vats, specially made with a cork insulation, keeping for long time the post-fermentation temperature of 22° degrees C. (71.6°F.). In this way the malolactic fermentation starts spontaneously, ending in the month of December.


The maturation, that lasts for one year in small French Barrels (225 Liters) moderately toasted, allows the wine to attain a perfect combination between tannin, acidity and alcohol. The wood imparts a soft boisé note, never too strong, and increases the wines richness. This wine achieves a beautiful balance as no flavor overpowers the others, rather they all blend together in one uniquely pleasant experience. The Barbera d’Alba, Peiragal reaches its maturity after 2 years from the harvest and the plateau of maturity is between 2 and 5 years.

Sensory characteristics

A purplish ruby red color with a fresh, live, with clean scents of black currants, berries, toasted hazelnut and vanilla. Enjoyable the boisé note. Warm and sturdy, lively, full-bodied, pleasant and harmonious.

Food Matches

Barbera Peiragal, it’s perfect for every occasion. It goes well with typical appetizers of Langhe, veal with tuna sauce and vegetable flan, pasta with rich sauces and meat boiled or roasted, but also extremely elates the traditional soups. It well combines with moderately mature cheeses.


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