Tonara, Barbagia, in the heart of Sardinia: 1000 meter height, huge woods, healthy air, a lot of fresh and very pure springs.
The origins of our company are here, they plunge in the solid area of the Barbagia tradition.
In Barbagia, the nougat has been made for centuries and Tonara is the birthplace of the most famous Sardinian nougat.
Until the sixties the artisans (turronargios) worked in home small quantities of product, using traditional techniques.
They themselves were selling nougat throughout the island, during the celebrations.
It is in this background that the first Sardinian nougat factory with electric machineries is founded in 1963 by Salvatore Pruneddu: he buy three modern nougat machines and 2 electric roasters.
The traditional values are combined with the benefits of modernity: it born “Pruneddu Nougat Factory”.
Fifty years have passed since Salvatore Pruneddu founded Pruneddu Nougat Factory and today our company is one of the most significant players in the food sector, in Sardinia.
We do nougat, still according to the old recipe, in a modern workshop located in Tonara, more exactly in Su Pranu: it’s here that every day delicious nougat bars born.


Natural raw materials, ancient family recipes and traditional techniques: this is our idea of quality.
The heart of our production is the classic nougat, marketed with Pruneddu, Barbagia and Arasulè brands.
To make our classical nougat we only use high quality honey from the best productions; we use premium walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds; we don’t use sugar, glucose syrup and preservatives.
And then we choose the dried fruits by hand rejecting the seeds with the smallest flaws; we work the product gradually in maximum 60 kg lots.
Quality is for us an usual procedure, a philosophy which was born from the ambition to make the most delicious nougat and to bring it in every houses without renouncing to the real taste of natural products.
At the end quality only has a judge: your palate.

Sincerity and frankness
Even when it wasn’t required, in our nougat is specified all along how much dried fruits there is on the packaging. We state the minimum quantity of almonds (50%/55%), hazelnuts (50%/55%) and walnuts (40%).
In this way you know where it comes from what you eat, you know that you’re not buying a block of sugar with some almonds, but a nougat bar extra quality.

Our nougat is only produced with three natural ingredients: dried fruit, honey and egg white (1%).
In their exterior part and not as ingredient, some nougats have some host (max.1%).
From February/March 2015, the vegetable oil that will be used in the hosts will be olive oil.
We don’t use preservatives, we don’t use sugar, we don’t use glucose syrup, our nougat contains only honey’s natural sugars.