Rice Acquerello - 1000g


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Rice Acquerello - 1000g

Rice Acquerello - 1000g

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Acquerello is the "Extra" Carnaroli rice unique in the world, grown and packaged by the Rondolino family on the Colombara estate, in the heart of the province of Vercelli. Its success is the result of a long study and family experience, the union of tradition and innovation allows a unique processing. The still raw cereal is first aged, then slowly refined and reintegrated with its precious gem. It is precisely the aging, processing and budding processes that make Acquerello tastier, richer and healthier. It is recognized by the most famous chefs and gourmets as the number one rice in the world. AGING Acquerello is aged Italian rice, capable of achieving qualitative and organoleptic perfection. The raw rice, as collected, before being transformed into white rice, is left to age in silos at a controlled temperature below 15 °. Acquerello, through a very slow breathing, takes on a qualitative adjustment that gives a greater resistance during cooking, making the starch and proteins less soluble, and increasing the absorption capacity of the condiments.

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VALORI NUTRIZIONALI MEDI per 100 gr di prodotto:
  • Valore energetico 347 Kcal- 1452 KJ.
  • Proteine 8,0 gr.
  • Carboidrati 77 gr (di cui zuccheri 0,2 gr)
  • Grassi 1,0 gr ( di cui acidi grassi saturi 0,2 gr)
  • Fibra 1,0 gr.
Produced and packaged by : Estate Produce in Rondolino s.c.a. - Tenuta Colombara, 2, 13046 Livorno Ferraris VC

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