Rum Don Papa - Baroko - Limited Edition - 70cl


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Rum Don Papa - Baroko - Limited Edition - 70cl

Rum Don Papa - Baroko - Limited Edition - 70cl

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1 BOTTLE X 70cl

Alcohol content: 40% vol.
Capacity: 70 cl
- Molasses distillate
- Spanish style
- Origin Philippines
Don Papa takes his name from Dionisio
Magbuelas, great revolutionary hero in the
Philippine Liberation War from
Spanish domination. Pope Isio comes
remembered for his legendary energy and the
indomitable spirit of him.
Don Papa Baroko is produced on the island of
Negros Occidentale, the most important area
of cane production
from sugar in the Philippines. This
beautiful island, characterized by rugged
mountain ranges, great white beaches and
impenetrable lush jungles, thank you
to its soil of volcanic origin it produces
one of the fullest and sweetest brown sugar
of the world.
Visual examination: Amber color
Olfactory examination: light and fruity on the nose,
its bouquet discloses intense notes of
vanilla, honey and candied fruit.
Taste test: its taste is soft and
delicate, extraordinarily round.


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