San Patrignano - Panettone - 1000g


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San Patrignano - Panettone - 1000g

San Patrignano - Panettone - 1000g

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With candied oranges and cedars, honey and natural flavors.

Panettone di San Patrignano is prepared according to the recipe of our masters and mother yeast that is treated and processed by the children of the community, to obtain a light and fragrant product. Its structure is the result of three consecutive days of preparation and nourishment of the mother yeast with double leavening for 24 hours. Soft raisins, Ribera orange peel and fragrant Sicilian candied cedars, perfectly match the natural flavoring resulting from the combination of honey and vanilla pods.

Type "0" soft wheat flour, butter, egg yolk, candied oranges 9% (orange peel, sugar, glucose, water, vanilla beans), raisins 9% (grapes, cotton vegetable oil), water, natural yeast (soft wheat flour type "0", water), sugar, candied citron 2% (cedar peel, sugar, glucose, water, vanilla beans), honey 0.9%, salt, barley malt, fructose, natural flavors, vanilla.

It may contain traces of: sesame, soy, milk, nuts and peanuts.

Average values ​​for 100 gr of product

Energy value (kJ) 1564
Energy value (kcal) 373
Total fat (g) 17
Of which saturated fatty acids 10
Carbohydrates (g) 47
Of which sugars 25
Protein (g) 7
Salt (g)