Scaldaferro - Almond Nougat - 195g


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Scaldaferro - Almond Nougat - 195g

Scaldaferro - Almond Nougat - 195g

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1 PACK X 195g

Since 1919, Torronificio Scaldaferro has produced typical Venetian almonds, a line of chocolate products, and natural ice creams. Each product is made using exclusively selected, high-quality raw materials, using a craft process that helps to preserve its aroma and organic qualities.

Almonds and classic nougat

Il Mandorlato Scaldaferro is a confectionery product made from toasted almonds, mixed with honey, sugar, and egg whites until it becomes white, creamy, and soft. Everything is cooked very slowly. The dough is then worked by hand, cut into sticks, and wrapped hot to preserve the aroma and fragrance. The ingredients, all top quality, are one of the product's main secrets, such as the particular mixture of honeycombined to give the almond an unmistakable bouquet, and the Italian almondscarefully selected and roasted directly by the Scaldaferro family.
This process, which involves cooking for many hours in a bain-marie, is not found with industrial nougat, and makes Mandorlato Scaldaferro immediately recognizable through its foam and slightly amber color. Another inimitable feature is that it is hand-laid. Each almond stick is placed on a wafer bed, instead of being rolled, pressed, and machine stretched, thus maintaining greater friability and volume.

Authentic raw materials

Il Mandorlato Scaldaferro does not contain dyes, preservatives, or chemical additives, and the raw materials that compose it are periodically controlled by laboratory analysis. They always come from crops without pesticides or GMOs. This set of processes and the careful choice of ingredients makes each piece of almond cake different from the others, like a small and tasty work of art.
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