Poli - Vermouth Gran Bassano Rosso - 75cl


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Poli - Vermouth Gran Bassano Rosso - 75cl

Poli - Vermouth Gran Bassano Rosso - 75cl

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1 BOTTLE X 75cl. 18% vol.

Vermouth based on Merlot
The Gran Bassano Rosso is a vermouth based on Merlot, a red wine from a French grape cultivated since the end of the 19th century in the DOC which includes the city of Bassano.
The aromatic uniqueness of the Gran Bassano Rosso is the result of a masterful infusion of over twenty botanicals, among which the holy thistle and the musky yarrow, characteristic plants of the Bassano area, as well as rhubarb, vanilla, allspice, ginger and licorice.

Raw material: Merlot red wine and extracts of aromatic herbs and spices.
Aroma: intense bouquet of spices and aromatic herbs.
Taste: sweet and structured with spicy notes and a pleasantly bitter finish.
Service: excellent as an aperitif to be enjoyed with ice and in classic cocktails.