Riserva Carlo Alberto - Vermouth di Torino Rosso Superiore - 75cl


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Riserva Carlo Alberto - Vermouth di Torino Rosso Superiore - 75cl

Riserva Carlo Alberto - Vermouth di Torino Rosso Superiore - 75cl

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1 BOTTLE X 75cl. 18% vol.

DESCRIPTION: It is flavored with 25 carefully selected herbs and spices.

TASTING NOTES: It has a light shade of medieval copper brown. On the nose, hints of cherry with fresh summer fruit, yarrow flowers and Tonka bean, wild herbs (dandelion and mint), a heart of warm spices, red fruit, orange peel and exotic quassia. Perfectly balanced.

OUR TIP: Perfect for all classic cocktails. (It was originally used to be tasted just before meals to stimulate digestion).

Vermouth Carlo Alberto is a product of excellence, unique in the world and privileged by rare ingredients and ancient procedures that require experience, expertise, delicacy and extreme patience.

The recipe still used today is a clear homage to that of 1837, the year in which Tumalin Bartolomé Baracco de Baracho obtained the basics of the aperitif wine recipe that the court cook prepared for the King, thus he studied his own personal and exclusive production that continued for two hundred years and still continues today.

The Riserva Carlo Alberto is unique and exclusive, produced with two Piedmontese DOCG wines: Moscato d’Asti and Erbaluce di Caluso.

The design of the bottle was also studied taking inspiration from the architecture we find in Turin: Palazzo Madama in the central part of the bottle, passing to the connection with Art Nouveau evolutions that we encounter in the neck and in the upper domed part of the bottle, up to the colonnade of the Gran Madre di Torino on the lower part.

All the herbs and spices used are selected and collected with extreme care in order to create a unique harmony.