Vincenzi - Bicerin - Hazelnuts and chocolate liquor - 70cl


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Vincenzi - Bicerin - Hazelnuts and chocolate liquor - 70cl

Vincenzi - Bicerin - Hazelnuts and chocolate liquor - 70cl

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1 BOTTLE X 70cl. 



“Bicerin” is a well-known drink of gianduja cream (we describe it as a chocolate melted in alcohol), belonging to traditional Turin culture. It has been served in the city’s coffee houses since the beginning of the 19th century. Giandujotto BICERIN (15% vol./70 cl.) is a creamy liqueur without any coffee. A brief historical research has revealed that the coffee of the original 18th century recipe was replaced by hazelnuts, so as to evoke the taste of the world-famous giandujotto chocolate. This recipe variation originated in the early 19th century when coffee and cocoa were too expensive to be imported from other continents and in hazel-rich Piedmont hazelnuts began to be mixed with chocolate to cut costs. From this mixture the “giandujotto” chocolate and our Bicerin giandujotto liqueur derived. The recipe hasn’t changed since.

It is gluten free and dairy free. While other creamy liqueurs have a 6-9 month sell-by date, gianduiotto Bicerin has no such final date, even when opened, because it doesn’t contain milk. It is best preserved at room temperature.
In several northern Italian dialects Bicerin means small glass. Bicerin used in fact to be served in small glasses with metal handles in all Turin cafes.