Carlo Cracco - Organic Bitter White - Gift Box - 70cl


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Carlo Cracco - Organic Bitter White - Gift Box - 70cl

Carlo Cracco - Organic Bitter White - Gift Box - 70cl

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1 BOTTLE X 70cl.

30% vol.

Liqueur obtained from the distillation of infusions of fragrant herbs and aromatic plants. 70 cl bottle. 30% Vol. Sold in box

"I have often wondered how, at the end of dinner, to harmonize the different organoleptic sensations so that they remain a memorable experience. A typically Italian tradition came to me: Amaro.

Herbs, roots and copper stills. A year of tests and dosages in search of an excellence capable of transforming a distillate into a great liqueur.
Thus was born the first of the distillates exactly as I imagined it, without color or dyes: the Amaro Bianco "

ingredients: water, alcohol *, sugar *,

Distillate of aromatic herbs *, natural flavors (* organic).

Hibiscus flowers, yarrow, flower heads, licorice root, damask rose buds, piedmont wormwood, gentian root, red cinchona bark, coriander seeds, chamomile flowers, madagascar vanilla, bitter orange peel, angelica root, wild thyme.

produced by: Antica Distilleria Quaglia s.r.l. in the Castelnuovo D. Bosco (AT) plant c.a. IT00ATA00023D exclusively for Cracco Express s.r.l. - Corso Italia 22 - 20122 Milan