Caol Ila - Moch - Single Malt Scoth Whisky - 70cl


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Caol Ila - Moch - Single Malt Scoth Whisky - 70cl

Caol Ila - Moch - Single Malt Scoth Whisky - 70cl

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1 BOTTLE X 75cl. 

The Caol Ila Moch is aged for a period of time not specified on the label and which has no obligation to be declared.

However, since the Caol Ila Whiskey Single Malt Moch turns out to be much lighter than the cousin of the same manufacturer, 12 years, it is possible to assume that the aging period is lower.

To make this product unique in the whiskey panorama is definitely the process of teaching.

It employs a high percentage of peat added with iodine. The result is a whiskey with marked salty notes, which emerge strongly when the product is tasted.

Compared to the other whiskeys of Caol Ila, the Single Malt Moch also presents excellent hints of sweet, custard and very ripe yellow fruit.

Smoke is mild, pleasant and very delicate.

Thanks to the production process, it also maintains a good viscosity. This product is ideal for a large audience, as it has decidedly fresher tastes than the most extreme whiskeys.

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