Kirin Distillery - Fuji Sanroku Blended Whisky - 70cl - Astucciato


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1 BOTTLE X 70cl


Fuji Sanroku - TRANSLATED "on the slopes of Mount Fuji"

Produced by the famous Kirin distillery, at the base of Mount Fuji, immersed in a constant microclimate (13/16 ° c), perfect for the aging and distillation of whiskey.

Blend of single malt wheat whiskey derived from peated malt, repost for at least 3 years in barrels of ex-bourbon.

To the eye it appears of a beautiful bright golden yellow, to the nose it releases fruity notes of apples, pears and vanilla.

On the palate it is warm, silky, enveloping, with notes of creali, caramel and wood.

Long, pungent finish with notes of pepper and wood.


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