Pepe - Panettone Tradizionale - 1000g


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Pepe - Panettone Tradizionale - 1000g

Pepe - Panettone Tradizionale - 1000g

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1 PANETTONE X 1000g.

The award-winning, recognized among the Italian excellences, is the traditional Panettone of the Pepe family. At the first taste sa del Sud, full of characteristic aromas and flavors of Campania. It is a soft and soft product that does not let an aroma predominate rather than another but is the perfect harmony of all the elements that compose it.

Ingredients: 00 flour, butter, sugar, "5 corone" Australian raisins, orange peel (orange peel, glucose syrup and sugar), natural yeast, egg yolks, candied citron (cedar peel, syrup of glucose, fructose and sugar), orange paste (orange peel, glucose syrup and sugar), honey, malt, salt, natural flavors, vanilla berries from Madagascar.

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