When tradition calls, we often look back on the past; as if time, past time could prove the truth of our present. We easily associate authenticity, flavour and fragrance with days long gone: they seem so far away, almost detached from today and from what know in present time. But there are companies whose stories are not only to be told, but to be lived, now in our time. They were born out of passion and courage, but they’ve continued to exist through sacrifices, experience and research. Filippi is one of these: it’s a company, started from the dream of Mrs. Maria who used to bake confectionery with natural yeast. Family tradition marks the passing of time and family dedication adds new ideas to the value of the past. Here’s passion looking at the future with the same care that has been devoted to a natural yeast living for 40 years. Maria, her husband Giuliano and, their sons, Lorenzo and Andrea, have chosen to carry on innovation improving the ancestral legacy: a promise and commitment to make the company modern but indissolubly anchored to tradition. The story of the company is an account of flavours that are born from an accurate research of precious ingredients. There are neither atmospheres nor suggestions to create: flavours are only to be tuned into the most perfect and harmonious combination. The priority is quality and authenticity. Tradition is to remember and perhaps to understand. Christmas is the renewal of family bonds, and every year brings us a new recurrent joy. It’s a promise of a lifetime, the one the Filippi family have chosen to stick to. And today’s tradition will be tomorrow’s.