Canaïma - Amazonian Gin - Small Batch - 70cl


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Canaïma - Amazonian Gin - Small Batch - 70cl

Canaïma - Amazonian Gin - Small Batch - 70cl

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1 BOTTLE X 70cl.


47% vol.

Gin Canaima originates from the deepest Amazon rainforest, a territory that holds unexplored wonders, remained intact for centuries, where climate and soil allow the growth of unique botanicals. Ancient legacy that the Pemon Indians have passed on for generations.

The botanicals that make up this unique gin are: merey, the Amazonian cashew; açai, the berry known for its great antioxidant powers; seje, the fruit of the Amazonian palm; túpiro, a South American solanacea with a very high iron content; uva de palma, the fruit of the moriche palm, also known by the Indians as the fruit of love; copoazú, a close relative of cocoa; which are distilled individually in a copper Pot Still to then compose a unique blend redistilled in a small batch of 500 l.

There is something mystical in a sip of Canaima, which transports those who are drinking it to an ancestral and pure land.

Canaima is a partner of the Fundaciòn Tierra Viva, which wants to promote sustainable development and increase the quality of life of the indigenous tribes of Venezuela.

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