Sette Ottavi - Bamboo Gin - 70cl


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Sette Ottavi - Bamboo Gin - 70cl

Sette Ottavi - Bamboo Gin - 70cl

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1 BOTTLE X 70cl.

42% vol.

Gin Name: Sette Ottavi Bamboo Gin

Origin: Italy

Producer: Origine green spirits snc

Method: distilled-compound

Botanicals: wheat alcohol *, juniper berries *, licorice roots *, bamboo *, natural extracts of lemon *, ginger *, lemongrass *, alpine water * from Organic Agriculture Reg. CE 834/07 and CE 889/08

Tasting notes: Color: transparent and bright Bouquet: The balsamic scents of juniper are complemented by fresh notes of lemongrass and lemon

Taste: When tasted, it maintains an excellent taste olfactory correspondence between juniper and citrus, the sweet notes of bamboo and licorice give softness, the ginger a pleasant spiciness.

Use: Ideal for mixing, smooth as a digestive after a meal

Description of the production method:

The alcoholic base used is organic wheat ethyl alcohol obtained from the enzymatic transformation and subsequent fermentation of starch from soft wheat.

Alcoholates are produced starting from the maceration of officinal herbs and organic certified essential oils.

Their distillation takes place under vacuum at very low temperatures thanks to the use of a latest generation rotary evaporator allowing a high concentration of totally natural aromas and fragrances.

The process is completed by mixing these elements with spring water.

Before refinement, a cold stabilization is performed with lowering of the temperature.

History and Curiosity (how the idea was born, anecdotes, curiosities about the distillery, etc.) Sette Ottavi Bamboo Gin was born on the night between 7 and 8 November from any two minds born, a few meters away, on 7 and 8 November of a few years earlier. "

To produce "Sette Ottavi" we use an alcoholic base, derived from organic wheat, produced by a historic distillery of '47.

Of the botanicals used, also coming from organic farming, we want to pay homage to bamboo, a plant with exceptional characteristics and above all eco-sustainable, a fundamental point of our project.