Gin Primo Giramondo - Africa - 70cl


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Gin Primo Giramondo - Africa - 70cl

Gin Primo Giramondo - Africa - 70cl

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1 BOTTLE X 70cl.

43% vol.

Gin Primo Africa

Primo Africa is a hot, spicy gin that roars and burns like the sun of this land.
At the base of our beloved and unmistakable Juniper we added by infusion and then distillation
8 other botanicals all enhanced by Namibian salt pearls.
To the eye: canary yellow with golden reflections reminiscent of tea in the African desert.
Taste: spicy with a beautiful balsamic overture that quickly turns on notes of vanilla and ylang-ylang,
crossed by memories of cocoa beans to close on spicy and bitter tips of turmeric, pepper
black and mango.
Juniper, Madagascar vanilla, Black pepper, Turmeric, Ethiopian incense, Ylang ylang, Cocoa beans
from Tanzania, Sweet Caraway, Mango, Namibian Salt.
Salt of Namibia
The Namibian Pearls, similar to small snow balls, are made up of fine salt crystals that, pushed
from the desert wind, they roll and thus take the particular shape.
It is an opalescent white salt, very pure, integral, rich in minerals, free of pollutants, very much
dry and dry with a round and balanced flavor.