Distilleria Stampa - Sassolino - Anice Stellato - 70cl


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Distilleria Stampa - Sassolino - Anice Stellato - 70cl

Distilleria Stampa - Sassolino - Anice Stellato - 70cl

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1 BOTTLE X 70cl. 

40% vol.

The Sassolino was born in 1804 when Bazzingher, a Swiss from the Grigioni Canton, moved with some compatriots, many of them apothecaries or grocers, to Sassuolo. Distilling the "Chinese star anis" he obtained an excellent liqueur that immediately became a great success. His company first passed to the Fasciati and, later, to the Stampa family that imposed the name with which it is currently known: Sassolino. It was the cadets of the Military Academy of Modena who in the second half of the nineteenth century went to Sassuolo for the summer camp and shooting exercises, to coin this name. And not only: thanks to them the Sassolino was widespread in Italy and in a short time it obtained honors, certificates and medals all over the world. In the salons of our nation it had become a symbol of quality drinking. Today it continues to be produced, distilling in copper stills filled with pure alcohol, the star anise dried with the addition of other mysterious ingredients that only the Press Distillery knows. Star anise is the fruit of Illicium verum hook, a tree similar to laurel, originating in southern China. It looks like a star made up of 6-8 follicles, oval, compressed, pointed, woody, reddish brown, each containing a lighter seed with an anisated aromatic smell and a sweet taste.