Pasticceria Scarpato: In1888, the pastry shop Pasticceria Scarpato started making its first pastries at its premises in Legnago, a town in the province of Verona. At that time, pastries were entirely handmade. Rising and baking were carried out with the utmost care, patience, commitment and passion, using the finest ingredients: flour, eggs, butter, milk and yeast, mixed and combined to achieve perfect balance. It has been more than a century since then, but nothing has changed in this respect. That is why those who look for quality still choose Pasticceria Scarpato: in so doing, they are choosing the tastes of bygone days that still live in the present, and the result of a simple love for a difficult but delicious craft. This love also shows in the care taken with the packaging. Hand-wrapped, this Italian Christmas cake containing dried fruit and nuts becomes a sophisticated gift, as well as the hallmark of an exclusive pastry shop. Signed by Mr. Scarpato. Since 1888.