Filippi - Panettone al Pistachio in Purezza - 1000g - NEW


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Filippi - Panettone al Pistachio in Purezza - 1000g - NEW

Filippi - Panettone al Pistachio in Purezza - 1000g - NEW

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Typical Italian Christmas bread / cake

The Pistachio Panettone arrived in Filippi's house after a careful research of the raw material: the Pistachio in purity.

The mixture, rich in butter and egg yolk, finally meets the natural "green gold". Antioxidant, rich in minerals and vitamins, pistachio is the ideal ingredient for a rich and delicious recipe. They also say that Pistachio prevents aging ... What else do you want from a dessert?

For this Panettone "Specialissimo" from Pasticceria Filippi fresh pistachio paste was used. No cream and other particular processes, the focus was on the delicate and unique taste of this precious dried fruit.

The Filippi Pistachio Panettone is enclosed in a simple wrapping (made with certified paper) that recalls the color of the fundamental ingredient, and finally bows with the precious Filippi ribbon obtained from the recycling of plastic caps.

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