Foss Marai - TILIO - Dosaggio Zero - Spumante Extra Brut - 75cl


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Foss Marai - TILIO - Dosaggio Zero - Spumante Extra Brut - 75cl

Foss Marai - TILIO - Dosaggio Zero - Spumante Extra Brut - 75cl

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1 BOTTLE X 75cl. 

12% vol.

Directly from the "Club dei Saggi" * which characterizes the very high quality of Foss Marai sparkling wines, this zero dosage satisfies the most demanding and refined palates.

Fruit of the Charmat fermentation technique, refined by over thirty years of experience and by the continuous research and innovation of Foss Marai, TILIO, with zero sugar dosage, is a natural extra brut sparkling wine, obtained from a careful selection of Chardonnay grapes with a variable percentage of precious Bombino Bianco grapes - a variety also used in the production of well-known champenois - with the addition of a slow fermentation native Foss Marai yeast, specially selected for TILIO.

Thanks to the combination of grapes with a strong identity, the absence of sugars and a wise use of the Charmat method, TILIO offers a very subtle perlage, a unique fragrance and delicacy.

* What is the FOSS MARAI "Club of the Wise Men"

It is not a novelty of the last period but a long-standing tradition, a physical place in the company, where a group of experts, called "wise", meet periodically by carrying out various phases of "blind" tasting tests, bringing to taste new products or fermentations obtained from new selections of indigenous Foss Marai yeasts; and again, they dedicate themselves to continuous study and research in constantly improving the technique of the Charmat method in order to obtain products with an exclusive, elegant tone, always at the height in every situation. Thanks to these meetings, it is possible to better focus on the various details that allow a notable evolution and improvement of existing products, or the birth of new proposals that can boast the Foss Marai brand.