Fever-Tree - Refreshingly Light - Tonic Water - BLISTER 4 X 20cl


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Fever-Tree - Refreshingly Light - Tonic Water - BLISTER 4 X 20cl

Fever-Tree - Refreshingly Light - Tonic Water - BLISTER 4 X 20cl

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Our Naturally Light Tonic Water is the world's first tonic water low in calories, all natural. With 58% less calories its taste remains delicious. This tonic water is able to combine fructose and natural quinine with citrus fruits, aromatic botanicals and spring water.

COLOR Pure, clear and clear.

AROMA Thin with notes of citrus and fruity.

TASTE Very soft with subtle citrus notes balanced by the bitter scents of natural quinine. It is slightly less sweet than Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water but the finish remains clean and free of the typical cloying sensation that the artificial sweeteners used in most tonic waters available on the market generate.

CONSISTENCY The high effervescence retains taste and aromas for a classic and refreshing style.

Ingredients and Nutritional Values visible in the product photos.

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