Silvio Carta - Mirto del Fondatore - 70cl


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Silvio Carta - Mirto del Fondatore - 70cl

Silvio Carta - Mirto del Fondatore - 70cl

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1 BOTTLE X 70cl.

30% vol.

Sardinian myrtle liqueur
The absolute Myrtle that tells the story of ancestral Sardinia: proud, florid, sweet and bitter, tasting is a dip in the Mediterranean scrub, among aromatic herbs, sage and wild plum. Mirto del Fondatore was born to celebrate the patriarch's 90th anniversary.

Intense dark brown with violet and luminous reflections.

The nose expresses multiple aromas, in addition to intense myrtle you can feel other aromas of Mediterranean scrub, aromatic herbs, bay leaves, sage and plums in jam.

When tasted, all these smells mix in a very elegant and enveloping myrtle embrace that masters the mouth, subdued by the vegetal notes, in a very refined bittersweet arm wrestling, which leads to a finish rightly dry and rich in Mediterranean returns. .

Myrtle, it is known, is synonymous with Sardinia in the world. Obtained only from berries, berries and leaves, white or red, the recipe for this ancient liqueur has an all-Sardinian history of over a hundred years, dating back to the early nineteenth century. At first it was put to macerate in a mixture of vine water and water, then sugar or honey was added to make it sweet and pleasant in the mouth.

But it is the Silvio Carta family that enriches the recipe. In the terrible winter of 1939, between frost and famine, the population of Baratile saved themselves from hunger thanks to that precious and abundant fruit, the myrtle. Thus, Elio's grandmother, to enhance the conservation of the berries, put a handful of fruits in a measuring cup of Vernaccia distillate, already a family production: the first liqueur of all time was born, based on myrtle. With the Mirto del Fondatore Elio wanted to pay homage to his father for his 90th birthday.