Silvio Carta - Vermouth Rosso di Sardegna - 70cl


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Silvio Carta - Vermouth Rosso di Sardegna - 70cl

Silvio Carta - Vermouth Rosso di Sardegna - 70cl

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1 BOTTLE X 70cl.

18% vol.

Lips as red as blood, skin as white as snow, ebony hair and two big, sincere eyes. It is a story that was born in Piedmont from its most famous lovers.

It is the history of Vermouth.

Elio Carta rewrites its future, creating a jewel of pure Sardinian passion: Vermouth Rosso.

Intense ebony

The nose expresses multiple aromas of Mediterranean scrub, rosemary, bay leaf, pine needles, resins and pine nuts, on a background of slight marine puffs.

Intense, soft and round, in perfect balance with the alcoholic note and rich in returns, between herbs and ripe fruit, towards a decisive and clean finish that brings a long mineral trail behind it.


In the midst of World War II, able-bodied men are all at the front and in the countryside they work, to make families, the youngest and the elderly survive. But too little is produced to go on, with only the available workforce. And we must also fight with the government, which commandeers a large part of the harvest.

Thus, the black market begins to develop, for sheer survival.

Everything hides and everyone hides everyone.

The wine, exchanged in large fifty-liter chestnut wood containers, finds its perfect shelter in the countryside, in the midst of shrubs, mostly of helichrysum.

The wine keeps well in winter, but in the hot period everything becomes complicated: in addition to the scent of helichrysum, it develops a high alcoholic concentration and a strong bitter note. Nobody wants to buy a wine that has become undrinkable anymore. Thus, in the summer, its marketing is interrupted, relegating it to winter only.

After the war and with the economic recovery in Sardinia, as in the rest of Italy, the fashion for Vermouth spread, a liqueur wine invented years ago by Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoy in the hunting lodge in Turin, where he hosted his mistress Rosina.

The young Silvio Carta, already at the reins of the newborn cellar of the same name, finds in Vermouth a reference to that contraband wine, realizing immediately that the secret lies in the addition of sugar.

Even today Elio produces Vermouth from Vernaccia using the ancient recipe, creating, of its kind, a unique product in the world.