Olivieri - Classic Panettone - 900g


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Olivieri - Classic Panettone - 900g

Olivieri - Classic Panettone - 900g

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Classic Panettone is the typical traditional Panettone.

Our Panettone has a double leavening of more than 48 hours, is made only with live mother yeast and is filled with Australian 5 Crown Sultana Raisins and inside are the black dots of Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.

The structure is extremely soft, the taste elegant but decisive.

It is a very rich but extremely digestible panettone thanks to the long leavening and the use of high quality raw materials. It has no preservatives, semi-finished products, flavourings, vegetable fats.

It is 100% artisanal and therefore made entirely by hand, with passion, as tradition has dictated since 1882.

Weight: 900gr


Wheat flour*, butter*, eggs*, candied orange (10%) (orange 70%, sugar, water), raisins (10%), cane sugar, mother yeast (wheat flour*, water) , water, milk*, candied orange paste (70% orange, sugar, water), acacia honey, salt, Bourbon Madagascar vanilla. * Allergen ingredients


Energy 1456 kJ / 348 kcal Fats 14.9 g of which saturated: 8.5 g Carbohydrates 46 g of which sugars: 24.1 g Proteins 6.8 g Salt 0.518 g 12 servings of 75g

Produced by Olivieri 1882 - Via Alberti, 5 - Arzignano - Vicenza


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