Olivieri - Classic Colomba - 900g


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Olivieri - Classic Colomba - 900g

Olivieri - Classic Colomba - 900g

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According to Gambero Rosso, the Best Artisan Colomba in Italy 2019!

The Colomba is the Easter dessert par excellence. It is a cloud of butter, eggs and flour, covered with a glaze enriched with almonds which, at the first bite, makes you perceive a slight crunchiness followed by an incredible softness! It has a double leavening of more than 48 hours. Inside our 900 gr 100% live mother yeast colomba you will find whole candied oranges to give our colomba a unique and natural orange scent. You will also notice the black dots of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla inside the dough. Our dove is very rich but refined to the taste and extremely digestible thanks to the long leavening and the use of high quality raw materials. It has no preservatives, semi-finished products, flavourings, vegetable fats. It is 100% artisanal and therefore made entirely by hand, with the passion that has distinguished us since 1882.

Weight: 900gr

Classic Colomba - Naturally leavened oven-baked confectionery product - 900g (31.74 oz / 1.98 lbs) ℮ Ingredients: type 00 wheat flour*, candied orange (17.4%) (orange peel 40%, sugar , glucose syrup), butter*, category A egg yolk*, sugar, natural mother yeast (type 00 wheat flour*, water), water, milk*, cream*, salt, wheat starch*, honey of acacia, Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. Icing: sugar, egg whites*, almonds*, rice flour, almond flour*, sunflower oil. Store in a cool, dry place at max 20-22°C. *Allergen ingredients - May contain traces of nuts, soy and sesame.


Energy 1469 kJ / 351 kcal Fats 14.1g of which saturated: 7.7g Carbohydrates 49.7g of which sugars: 30.3g Proteins 6.1g Salt 0.417g

Produced by Olivieri 1882 - Via Alberti, 5 - Arzignano - Vicenza